A Children's Treasury Of Wonkette Commenter Art

Have you noticed the strange phenomenon known as Wonkette commenter "Serolf Divad," if that is his real name? Somehow -- often within minutes of a new post -- this shady character posts a hilarious new photoshopped image/cartoon thing in the comments, Like this one of John McCain and George W. Bush Jr. and Top Gun legend Tom Cruise, which appeared mere nanoseconds after we published the original item. So many more examples, after the jump.

Here's thought-balloon Hillary thinking about her new anti-Obama commercial.

And her's "Our Gal" preparing to kick some Texas and/or Ohio ass.

Here's Mr. "Serolf" being disrespectful toward the memory of William F. Buckley Jr. (Never Forget It's Too Soon!)

This, of course, is just reprehensible in every way -- as is all plagiarism.

Here's Condi helping George Junior with the diplomacy.

Never forget to tell your kids not to smoke.

Remembering the '80s with our favorite new First Couple.

Can an obscure text joke in the post be taken far, far too far? Yes, yes it can. Yes we can.

Serolf Divad


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