A Chill Ran Down My Spine: These Gut Feelings Saved Lives! Tabs, Fri., Jan. 22, 2021

A Chill Ran Down My Spine: These Gut Feelings Saved Lives! Tabs, Fri., Jan. 22, 2021
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The Patriotic Millionaires have their own Tabs! It's TABCEPTION! (Email)

It's not what we want to hear about the seditionists, whom we have just properly walloped and who certainly would not return the favor, but Anne Applebaum makes a pretty persuasive argument for why we have to change the subject, build some community centers, and coexist. — The Atlantic

Well that was fast. No, it was really really really fast.

Oh look who had no plan for distributing the coronavirus vaccine, I will give you two guesses. (CNN)

Joe vs. the Virus: A personal look at the trials of getting the vaccine, and what Joe Biden will have to do to fix it, from a health care reporter. Interesting! Skip the end part, where Politico, sneering about the glowing coverage of Biden's inauguration, calls him "shifty." Yes, you are very cool and above it all, noted. — Politico newsletter

Here's some of that glowing coverage: FDR historian Jonathan Alter compares FDR and OHJB, and it ain't a slap at Old Handsome Joe. What a symp! Also, enjoy! — Daily Beast

Here's the White House plan: goals, not so much nitty-gritty. (White House)

Welcome back.

Who's happy? Fauci's happy! Okay, maybe not happy, considering all the people dying and such as, but certainly happier. — Talking Points Memo

Will the COVID vaccine help find cures for cancer? I don't know! Maybe! Here is some nerd science! (Daily Beast)


How Jim Crow made your filibuster, a process the Sainted Founders never intended. — Adam Jentleson at New York Times

Don't threaten me with a good time! "[T]he Senate GOP says Biden's proposal spends too much money and comes too soon on the heels of Congress' $900 billion stimulus package from last month. And that unless the proposal has major changes made to it or Democrats use budget reconciliation to pass it with a simple majority, it is doomed on the Senate floor." You heard 'em, President Joe and Imminent-Budget-Chairman Bernie and friends, they want you to pass your stimulus package via reconciliation, or abolish the filibuster. Either works for me! — Politico

Speaking of which, if we can't unify with the seditionists, can we at least unify on our side of the aisle? I know Bernie was bad in 2016 but it's been almost five years, he and almost all of his crew were good this time, and let's get the fuck over it. He's Bernie!

McConnell wants to give Trump two weeks to prepare his impeachment defense, which you know what? I'm fine with. Let him have till mid-February to find a lawyer who will take no payment and isn't Lin Wood. The immediate threat has passed and due process is great, particularly if we can ban him from public office for the rest of his life at the end of it. (Politico) Oh but I, or Politico, or Mitch McConnell, spoke too soon. Now the defense is that the Senate doesn't have jurisdiction over a former president. VERY NICE! (Politico again)

Meanwhile, two members of Congress reportedly asked Trump for Capitol riot pardons, but he wouldn't give them to them :( (Salon)

LOLOLOL, promises kept!

Whoops, Marjorie Taylor Greene, Daniel Dale's found a new target to factcheck! Spoiler, it is you, and you are stupid as shit! — CNN

What it means for Joe Biden to rejoin the Pittsburgh Climate Agreement, I kid, Ted Cruz is a piece of shit. (Grist)

There were some unionized Instacart workers. There aren't any more. (Vice) Very related! Joe Biden fires general counsel dick at the NLRB. (Bloomberg)

Noah Smith gives himself a day off for the inauguration, nerds out on sci-fi instead. Let's join him. "Cyberpunk came true. So what's next?" — Noahpinion

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