A Claymation Wonkette Weekly Top Ten Special

A Claymation Wonkette Weekly Top Ten Special

Delilah and Tikka lounging in the yard — courtesy of Wonkette Operative Bruce


How are we this weekend? Since tomorrow is Easter, I figured I'd drop some kind of Easter-themed video in here as a present for all of you. I was gonna go with a Bob Larson video about whether or not Easter is a DEMONIC holiday, but that might need it's own post, depending on how the news goes today. So here is "Will Vinton's Claymation Easter" from 1992. I don't think I've ever actually seen it, but it looks neat and Mark Mothersbaugh appears to be involved in some capacity, so here you go!

Claymation Easter Movie (1992) www.youtube.com

And here are your top ten stories of the week!

10. Roger Stone Let Danish Film Crew Record Him Plotting 1/6 Coup And You Are A Dirty Crimer For Noticing!

9. Tucker Carlson Declares He’s Completely Unvaccinated. Don’t Be Gross In The Comments.

8. SD AG Who Killed Pedestrian And Lied About It Accuses Gov. Kristi Noem Of WITCH HUNT

7. Marjorie Taylor Greene Knows What's A Waste Of Time, It Is Military Service

6. Wonkette Weekend Live Chat Welcomes Theatrical Sensation Claire Willett!

5. Biden Used The 'G' Word. No, Not 'Groomer,' You F*cked Up Rightwing Perverts, He Said 'Genocide.'

4. Fox News Still Tingling At Prospect Of Elon Musk Breaking Twitter

3. Look Over Here, Elon! Devin Nunes Has Different Better Business Opportunity For You!

2. New York Times Convenes Panel Of Macho Men Whining About Being Cancel Cultured By Sissies

1. GOP Senate Candidate Devastated Dee Snider No Longer Represents 'Traditional Conservative Values'

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