A Comment on Comments

Earlier this week, we rolled out Wonkette comments. We'd now like to take a moment to invite you to join the ranks of our commenters. (Commentators? Eh, whatever, it's Friday.)

Please don't misunderstand us: this is not some velvet-rope kinda thing. If it were, we wouldn't be the people in charge of admissions! It's just a system we've instituted to prevent the anarchy that would ensue under a system of completely open comments (a la the Washington Post blog).

It's really not hard to get a comments invite -- truth be told, we give them out like candy. We're just looking for a few people who want to chat, care enough to comment every now and then, and might occasionally have some good political gossip to send our way.

So please -- send us a tip or two, and we'll send you comment invites for you and your friends. Happy commenting!

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Wonkette Comments FAQ


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