A Comparison: BoiFromTroy vs. Wonkette

Happy Weekend Wonkette readers! After Wonkette's wonderful introduction, she covered most of the bases. Yes, I am gay and I am Republican...but when she said I was, "a big gay and a big Republican," I hope she was talking about my hidden strengths and not my waistline!

Here are the basic facts...I live in West Hollywood, CA. I went to Georgetown and USC, and hence the name "BoiFromTroy" which is a play on the Trojan mascot...Anyhow, if you want to know more, I recommend reading this recent interview.

Wonkette and I have a lot in common, but we have a few differences, so after the jump is a side-by-side comparison.


Twenty (-two) questions for the Boi from Troy (IrishTrojan)

BoiFromTroy (That's me!)

Democrat Pinko, Lib, "Progressive", Lefty SocialistRepublican
Enjoys talking about ass-f*ckingEnjoys ass-f*cking
Born in a Big XII State (Nebraska)Born in a Big XII State (Texas)
Married to a journalistCan't get married...unless he's Canadian
"Thursdays with Tina" is a regular feature chiding Tina Brown"Thursdays with Tina" means a trip to the Factory
Obsessed with hidden strengthsHas hidden strengths

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