A Completely True Story About A Brazilian Pastor And His Holy Peen Milk. Your Weekly Top Ten

Hey Wonkers! It is Sunday, and you are probably thinking "ooh I just clicked on this post HARD because I want to know about the Brazilian pastor and his holy peen milk" and we hate to break it to you, but it's not true. The number two story of the week, FOR SOME REASON, was this thing we wrote in 2013, about a Brazilian pastor and his holy peen sperm milk, which turned out to be fakity fake fake, which NEVER HAPPENS AT WONKETTE. It just happened this one time, in 2013, because we do not speak Brazilianese and hey, nobody is perfect. But SOMEBODY posted it on Facebook this week, or on Tinder, we're not quite sure, and it got eleventy million page views, so, because this is an honest and ethical top ten list, we are being honest about how it was the number two story of the week. If you are the person who posted it, please come forward so Wonkette can give you a spanking right on your bottom.

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Okay, now that's out of the way, here are your top ten posts of the week, as chosen by science. If you've already read them, read them again!

1. That story about the nice white dad, Troy Goode, who mysteriously died in police custody in Southaven, Mississippi, clearly struck a nerve, and is the number one story of the week and one of the biggest Wonk stories of the year. We'll be talking about this more in coming days, but we've got a problem with the way police work is done in America, y'all. It didn't used to be this way.

2. Seriously. Brazilian peen milk. Hey, go give it more traffic, it was funny at least!

3.We can verify with 100% journalistic accuracy that the cast of "Fox & Friends" is stupid as all hell. Go watch them try to answer the question, "How do sharks work?"

4. Weird how military recruiters aren't enthused about being "protected" by militia types who accidentally shoot shit.

5. There's this new poll about how Republicans are starting to realize they suck really hard, and we were very surprised by how well this story did! Not that it wasn't beautiful and amazing, but wow, you guys really love posts about polls! We promise to remember and give you more posts like that.

6. The Duggars are real sad how God canceled their TV show. They thought they knew His plan! But they didn't, because He don't love them no more.

7. Editrix "Rebecca The Donkette" had to explain to Gawker the question, "Journalism. How does IT work?"

8. It was so surprising to find out that the Lafayette shooter was a teabaggin', gay-hatin', Hitler-lovin' crazy.

9. Rachel Maddow had to use itty bitty words to explain to Rick Santorum's dumb brain the question, "Civics? How do THEY work?"

10. The people who use the Ashley Madison website to do gross cheaty whore sex behind their spouses' backs might have their information exposed by hackers. Sad, we guess?

So there you go, Wonkers. We taught you very important things this week, and now you know how sharks, civics and journalism work, and you even got a healthy serving of fake Brazilian holy pastor peen milk to go with your Sunday brunch. DON'T SAY WE NEVER DID ANYTHING FOR YOU.

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