• The Department of Homeland Security just began its new $634 billion dollar satellite surveillance program, despite some Democrats prattling on about how this thing violates "civil liberties" and "the law" or some such. [Wall Street Journal]
  • Obama's new Mexican telenovela stars a little boy with cancer who can't see a doctor because McCain wants him to have cancer, because that's what Bush would have wanted. [Ben Smith]
  • Your President Bush has the highest disapproval rating in history! It's 70% and even Nixon wasn't quite as hated. [Political Wire]
  • Did you know despicable foreign fatcats from exotic Muslim lands are giving Barack Obama dozens and dozens of dollars?  [RedState]
  • Sarah Palin wants you to know she has a gay friend! And still, she loves her! Joe Biden, on the other hand, has a black friend.  [The Caucus]

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