A Day in the Life of a Hack

[UPDATE: Jesus, this post. A warning to everyone who wants to tip Wonkette - don't send a tip if you're not willing to see it printed. If it's printed, lay off the multiple emails demanding retraction.] A well-connected reader passes this on: The search criteria reseachers use inside one of the party committees. These are some of the terms the vetters punch into various data banks when checking out whether the party can accept a donation from a donor - to make sure, for example, that the would be-benefactor isn't some kind of uppity queer.

Which party is it? Well, it's not the Dutch boy-diddling party. After that you're on your own.

- alleg! or indict! or convict!

- trad! or racis! or sexis!

- corrupt! or! or gang or rico! or porno!

- mob or mafia or fbi or arrest!

- misrepresent! or bankrupt! or mistreat!

- sex! harass! or guilt!

- plea or plead or child support or alimony or deadbeat or investig!

- pardon! or iraq!

Or Iraq?

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-- David Weigel


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