A Desperate Plea: We Need Your Celebrity Sightings

We hate having to do this yet again. But it's now Thursday, and we find ourselves with a paucity of celebrity sightings for this week's installment of Wonk'd. Right now we have a grand total of six -- or five, if you subtract that sighting one of you sent in about a Hamas official we'd never heard of being spotted in a foreign country.

So before you forget, please email us with your recent sightings of the famous (we use the term loosely), subject line "Wonk'd" or "Sighting." Feel free to just make stuff up -- especially if your sighting is of George Clooney.

(Okay, seriously, no bogus sightings. We get enough made-up shit around here as it is, including bizarre conspiracy theories and crazy talk, and don't need any more.)

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