A Girl After Our Own Heart (She's So Getting a Book Deal Out of This)

We realize that some of you who follow this link will never come back: Compared to our humble blog, Washingtonienne has half the politics and twice the ass-fucking. And she apparently gets paid for it. The ass-fucking, we mean. (Wish we'd thought of that.) But how could we not introduce you to her? She's like a Hill-based Belle de Jour and is full of, uhm, good advice, like, "A man who tries to fuck you in the ass when you are sober does not love you." (Good thing we're rarely sober!) She gives the serious inside scoop, too:

Most of my living expenses are thankfully subsidized by a few generous older gentlemen. I'm sure I am not the only one who makes money on the side this way: how can anybody live on $25K/year??

If you investigated every Staff Ass on the Hill, I am sure you would find out some freaky shit. No way can anybody live on such a low salary. I am convinced that the Congressional offices are full of dealers and hos.

We assume that's in addition to the elected ones. Our sources say that Washingtonienne works for senator from the midwest. . . and we couldn't be prouder.

UPDATE: The Washingtonienne blog appears to be busted/pulled down/a figment of my imagination. Let me know if you can confirm its continued existence.



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