A Good Day For Underwater Earthquakes Is A Bad Day For Everyone At Sea Level And Above


  • Nearly a hundred were killed in flooding caused by an 8.0 undersea earthquake (and a bunch of diligent, follow-up tsunamis) in Samoa and American Samoa. [New York Times]
  • New evidence suggests that the terrorist group responsible for last year's Mumbai hotel violence is still way into terrorism, despite the fact that this makes them kind of boring, doesn't it? Anyway, some American intelligence people think that Pakistan's secret spy police, the ISI, is more or less okay with this. [New York Times]
  • The popular Asian country of China is only pretending to be a good friend to the US and sit there quietly and listen as Obama goes on about Iran, and how terrible Iran is, when really, China will still import oil from Iran, as China's #1 priority is not messing up its own economic boom. China is sort of undermine-y, is the point. [Washington Post]
  • Pedro Almodovar, Martin Scorsese and... Woody Allen—Woody Allen—have DEMANDED that authorities release known sex pervert Roman Polanski. See, he was captured on the way to a film festival at which he was being honored, so, to arrest him there was a bit déclassé. [CNN]
  • After an apparently successful "Distracted Driving Summit," Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood might propose criminalizing texting while driving, or banning handheld cell phone use in the car, or making teenagers illegal. [AP]

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