A Gracious Good-bye: Rick Santorum's Last Insane Senate Speech

Buh-bye Rick! - WonketteLike Peggy Noonan and several Pennsylvanians, we're sorry to see Rick Santorum leave the Senate. (He'll be back in town in a few weeks, as a lobbyist for Jesus, Inc.) Today he delivered his final piece of ... oratory, yes, that's what they call it. Let's take a quick trip to Fearville, where Rick's actually killing terrorists in Yemen or something, and Exxon's directors want to kill us out of pure hate:

* "I will do my best after I leave this place to continue to confront these enemies and to give the United States the opportunity to succeed in this war."

* It is lunacy, it is suicidal to continue to allow the energy markets at the levels they are now given the fact that a vast majority of those energy dollars are going to people who want to kill us and destroy everything we believe in."

Santorum also cast one of the two brave Senate votes against Robert "Not Rumsfeld" Gates.

Santorum warns of growing overseas threat [Times Leader]


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