A Happy Capitalist Oppressor's Christmas, From Your Dear Wonkette


Hi, and Merry Molotov! We are taking a little break to War on Christmas and also do some upgrades (that's tech talk for fixing some stuff what is broken) while all y'all are busy drinking The Nog and hoping you don't get coal.

Don't worry if you can't see all the words what we wrote for you, what you love and love to share because sharing is caring and you love that, YES YOU DO. Enjoy what you can see, don't worry, we'll be back before you will be back probably. Happy Holidays and whatnot.

Xoxo, Yr Wonkette

P.S. Please pray for us.

[Everything should be all better now, please do tell me if it is not. Also: Merry Holidays and Happy Christmas! - Shy]


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