A Letter from the Editor: Though We Weren't Funny Yesterday, at Least There Was Less to Read

Our apologies for the lack of posts yesterday. While we were, of course, drunk (and, earlier, hungover), that has never stopped us before. The problem? Something having to do with "hosting." At first, this sounded like the boys in New York had another party without inviting Wonkette (you start waving around one little unregistered handgun in the Conde Nast building and suddenly it's like they don't even know you). But we later learned "hosting problem" is a technical term for "computer in mysterious center of country gets all HAL-ish and won't let you post shit."

Gawker readers will already be aware of the Denton Media Empire's policy of global outreach/tech support skinflinting that demands entrusting these problems to Mr. Denton's goat-herding Hungarian cousins. Hoping to encourage a transfer of tech duties to a more responsible group -- like, say, a homeless pack of transvestite Courtney Love impersonators --we've taken steps to ensure Karoly and Imrus finally realize their dream of joining the mob. Break a leg, guys!

Posting will resume at its regular (if typo-ridden) pace today.


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