A Little Birdie Told Us


AZ 45-55

CO 48-51

LA 42-57

MI 51-48 (or MICH 51-47)

WI 52-48 (or WISC 52-43)

PA 60-40

OH 52-48

FL 51-48

NM 50-48

MINN 58-40

IOWA 49-49

NH 57-41

I have been asked to clarify: The little birdie is not Joe Trippi nor anyone he works with.

In fact, the little birdie is really skittish and not exactly trustworthy in all cases. Please vote, even if you live in PA. These could be total forgeries, designed to keep you from voting. As a friend put it, "The Yankees always figure out a way to win."

UPDATE: Specific objections have been raised to the Minnesota numbers in particular. All with grains of salt. Huge tablespoons of salt.

UPDATE UPDATE: Thanks to the eagle-eyed readers who pointed out that there are TWO Wisconsins and TWO Michigans here. There were two sets of polling data floating around, that's all I can say. Reformatted to make more sense. Oh, and Jonah Goldberg has a point: These may not be exits. They could be internals. That's all I know.


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