A Little More On The Senate NSA Hearing

wonkette: ted kennedy's bugging me.

wonkette: aren't most of these people lawyers? aren't they supposed to know how to actually question people?

operative: is he doing the ol', "does this bother you? I'm not touching you..." trick?

wonkette: see, that I would like.

operative: did any of them actually practice law?

wonkette: Senatorial method of questioning someone: [talk for twenty minutes.] "What do you think of that, Mr. Attorney General?"

wonkette: AG: "Allow me to make two points: 1) Trust us! 2) I'm not at liberty to make point 2."

operative: shouldn't they be saying things like, "Or were you not aware, Mr. Attorney General, that Al-Qaeda is left-handed?!?"

wonkette: also, kennedy is just pretending he's a Kennedy. He only pronounces it "Chahnce" like half the time.

operative: well, it's hard to remember to be from Mass. and be incompetent at the same time...

wonkette: Sessions: "Nearly 3,000 people have no civil rights anymore. They're no longer with us. Due to a terrorist attack."

wonkette: ???

operative: so, wait, by taking just a few civil liberties from all citizens, can we restore all the civil liberties to people who died on 9/11? is it like the march of dimes?

operative: personally, I'd like to see Gonzalez play it like Jimmy Stewart..."I don't have your rights; they're in Bill's house, and and in Ted's house..."

wonkette: hearing Jeff Sessions say "hezbollah" makes it all worth while.

wonkette: "Hess Buh-LAHH"

wonkette: sounds like some sort of pork-based cajun dish

operative: mmm

operative: now I'm *really* hungry

wonkette: while you eat i will decide if i think edward james olmos or carlos mencia should play gonzales in the movie-of-the-week

wonkette: CHRIS COOPER-AS-BIDEN: Now I'm just a down-home country lawyer, but allow me to flash you a cock-eyed grin while I forget to ask you a question."

Shortly after Mr. Gonzales requested a trip to the little Attorny General's room, the C-SPAN announcer happily reminded us that they're replaying the whole thing tonight at 8. Directly against Skating With the Stars! Oh no!

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