A Million Miles Away

  • Violence in Iraq hasn't been this bad since last year. The surge is working. [LA Times]
  • So it turns out that when nobody has any money and the few people with money are afraid to spend it, that all sort of screws up the Economy. [New York Times]
  • Even the biggest threat to American Freedom, the undocumented Mexican laborers, are sending less money home due to not making money. [New York Times]
  • Another "top Al Qaeda commander" you've never heard of has been killed by American robots, in Somalia. [Reuters/WP]
  • John McCain and Hillary Clinton's wacky no-gas-tax scheme wouldn't work, but if it did work, it would only work in the sense of causing a gasoline panic while not reducing pump prices. [Washington Post]
  • People who were never going to vote for the black guy continue to feign outrage over the black guy's grandstanding old black preacher. [New York Times]

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