A Modest Proposal for Rep. John Conyers

rep%20john%20conyers.jpgForgive us for being slow, but we don't understand why CNN is giving so much play to the story of Rep. John Conyers (D-MI) forcing his staffers to perform personal errands during normal working hours.

It's not that this isn't newsworthy (even if one might argue that there is a long tradition of Members making their staffers do such things). It's just that the charges are pretty old. We reported on them last month, but they've been around for much longer than that. And there have been no new developments in the matter since then. So we're a bit flummoxed as to why CNN has a big story up on their website, and why they've been flogging it in their TV broadcasts as well.

One random thought did cross our minds. Could this be related to the recent flurry of congressional activity on the immigration front?

So here's our proposal. It sounds like the tasks that Conyers asked his staffers to perform -- babysitting his kids, driving them around, looking after his house, etc. -- are jobs that Americans just don't want to perform. So why not have them filled by guest workers from Mexico?

You're welcome, Congressman Conyers. Just think of Wonkette as your own personal think tank!

Congressman Accused of Using Staff to Baby-Sit [CNN]

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