A Number Of Sad Truths Concerning Breakfast


  • Say goodbye to all the zeitgeist-y cover stories in your City Paper. [The Georgetown Voice]
  • Here is a nauseating list of all eggs and ice cream and coffee that famous Washington celebrities eat upon waking. [DCist]
  • Why all DCs bagels are so terrible, and a $700 billion Bagel Bailout Plan. [City Paper]
  • Ha ha, here are the photos from Roll Call's "Fabulous Fifty" Party, which are just shots of a dozen or so frustrated people yelling into cell phones and avoiding eye contact by sadly looking down into their Diet Pepsis. [Fishbowl DC]
  • Terrible fake postal terrorism struck the Dept. of Veterans' Affairs, as an envelope arrived brimming with Suspicious White Powder and intolerance. [Washington Post]

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