A Photographic Chronicle Of Debate Night In Austin, Texas

Last night was a very special night in Austin. A lady and a gentleman named Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama, respectively, got up on a stage in "the LBJ Library," which was actually the gymnasium a ten-minute walk from the LBJ Library, and they discussed how they would rule the nation when they are presidents. Your crack Wonkette Deputy Operative "Dan" was there to record this magical event in photos. Many more and a Flickr gallery, after the jump.

Massive throngs, including a healthy dose of Clintards, gathered around "the LBJ Library" to cheer their candidates.


A marching band was there, too. Look at these cute kids!


But who takes the cake for cuteness? This little girl whose bestickered forehead makes this coldhearted editor all misty-eyed.


At the Scholz Beer Garden, Texans for Obama tossed back bratwurst and enjoyed being outside, without jackets, in February.


Barack Obama is truly using America as his personal ATM, and here is definitive proof.


At the Debate Watch sponsored by the Texas Democratic Party, one shining security guard stood ready to kick ass if things got out of hand, so take that, Dallas.


A guy talked for a while, and then another guy talked, and then came along some shouty lady who didn't seem to realize she was speaking into a microphone, not a megaphone. Even the old people were covering their ears.


And then Barack Obama arrived, and everybody raised their hands in the air like they just didn't care, and then they took pictures.


Here is evidence that he was speaking in Texas. Do you see the banner? There you go.


A special shout out to Hooters and our wonderful waitress, who shall go unnamed and unpictured so that she won't get stalked. Thank you, Austin!



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