A Ragtag Team of Neil Impersonators, and Other Legends
  • Friday, May 1: For those who never tire of sexytime with aging furry-chested musical icons, or at least proximities thereof, Super Diamond is for you. It's not the "real" Neil Diamond, but are we so sure an original existed in the first place? Anyways, it doesn't matter who's doing the singing when there's a hefty percentage of the crowd poised to collectively toss its underwear onstage at the first strains of 'Solitary Man.' This actually happens. Witness performance art at its pinnacle for a mere $22. Doors at 8PM. [9:30 Club]
  • Tonight, April 30: DJ Afrika Bambaataa, also known as the godfather of hip-hop, is playing a set at Current tonight. His guest appearance is preceded by a now-sold-out educational "academy" about Bambaataa's music, but you can still get into DJ-part at Current for free if you RSVP to some guy RIGHT NOW. Otherwise, it's $10, which is still a small price to pay to see a legend. Doors open at 9PM. [Current]
  • Friday, May 1 through Sunday, May 3: America, the band responsible for 1970's era "A Horse with No Name," which your intern erroneously attributed to Neil Young through at least 2005, is having a three-night run at the Birchmere. For only, uh, $69.50 and a trip to Alexandria you can see for yourself whatever the AM Gold poster boys have been up to since then. $69.50, seriously, doors open at 7:30PM. [Birchmere Music Hall]
  • Tuesday, May 5: Tender electro-pop-loving Junior Boys are visiting the Black Cat by way of Canada (aah foreigners, test them for the flu-cancer!). Though their sound is compared to Postal Service, it is also occasionally reminiscent of the instrumental parts of The Goonies soundtrack, which isn't entirely a bad thing. $15, doors open at 8PM. [Black Cat]
  • Tickets still available!: Procrastinators take heed, The National has just added a third show to its long-sold-out run at the 9:30 Club. Buy your tickets to the gravel-voiced alligator-teared May 24 late show now. Also, there are somehow a still few Shins tickets available to their otherwise sold-out May 15 date with the 9:30 Club. Clicky this link, and try not to cringe at the $35 ticket price.

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