A Random, Fun Friday Email

The good folks over at Atlantic Media have a crisis on their hands. And since they recently showed us such great hospitality, at the recent Michael Kelly Award Dinner, we thought we'd do them the favor of publicizing their plea for help. Here it is:

-----Original Message-----
From: Help Desk

To: Watergate

Sent: Fri May 26 15:51:58 2006

Subject: Lost Xylophone

A member of our staff is looking for a Xylophone that was used yesterday in the 3rd floor common room. If anyone has found or seen a xylophone in that area, please contact Help Desk.



Administrative Coordinator

Information Technology

Atlantic Media Company

So if you happen to see a runaway xylophone, please -- let the Atlantic Media people know ASAP.

(Any guesses as to the owner of said xylophone? Our money is on Benjamin Schwarz. But we wouldn't be surprised to learn that editorial prodigy James Bennet is the owner.)


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