A Series Of Freak Events

  • Apple-sized hail fell just outside a small Arkansas town before a tornado came through, killing three residents. [ABC News]
  • Wait, what? Wells Fargo reported record profits in Q1. What a hilarious idea, that banks could make a profit! [Wall Street Journal]
  • So it looks like the scary Conficker worm that was supposed to ruin the world on April 1 might now ruin the world like today. [Information Week]
  • The director of the CIA said his organization no longer operates those embarrassing Polish torture-chambers and other overseas "black sites" that made Americans look like a bunch of sinister bloodthirsty thugs. [Washington Post]
  • The president of Iran decided to start some shit by talking about how marvelously advanced his country's nuclear technology is. [Los Angeles Times]
  • The captain of that ship that got briefly overtaken by Somali pirates is still in their clutches following a failed escape attempt. [Guardian]

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