A Taste of Al Gore

The SF Chronicle reports on Al Gore's latest adventure in sartorial experimentation: "Gore, looking very much the hip TV executive in a gray suit, black cowboy boots and an open-necked black shirt, gave the press a taste of the Current vibe and programming Monday morning at the network's industrial chic quarters in an old brick building across from SBC Park." Meanwhile, an operative sends us a link to some classic short-form, fast-paced Internet content. You know, just the kind of thing Current wants to turn into TV programming. Are we at the dawn of the slash video era?

"Vice-President Al Gore got on his knees and picked up Clinton's right foot. His hot tongue started slithering all over the smooth contours of Clinton's $400 Italian tassled loafers. Clinton groaned as Gore's tongue bathed his Italian loafer, getting the leather good and slick. Then, he rolled back Clinton's trouser leg, revealing a dark-blue silk sock supported by a garter. Like Bill, Al had a thing for men's garters, and now his experienced tongue bathed Bill's sweaty sock, and then slithered and danced along the garter. The smell and taste of Bill's loafer, sock, and garter was a masculine, raw, sensual aroma that never failed to send a jolt of pleasure through Al's throbbing..."

Gore's New Media Venture [SF Chronicle]

Clinton Gores Gore [Gay Cafe]


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