A Valentine's Gift For The Paultard Who Has Everything

Somebody is definitely getting laid tonightRon Paul, presidential frontrunner and our nation's last surviving delegate to the Constitutional Convention, signed a copy of his favorite publication and now it is available for purchase on the eBay. Bidding for a Ron Paul-autographed Constitution was at $26 at time of writing. Not sold? What if the seller were to throw in a mysterious "free gift" of some sort, a precious bauble of divine origin?

BONUS! FREE SECRET GIFT enclosed. Hint: It's Ron Paul related, and it's rare. It is a collectible item you could only find in New Hampshire or Massachussetts in early December, and even then, most supporters never received or even saw one. It was originally created by a Legend within the movement, I think it's beautiful, and it embodies the rEVOLution.

What could it be? The Shroud of Turin? Napoleon's shriveled wang? A pin with a picture of a seminude Ron Paul riding a soaring bald eagle to victory? All will be revealed February 9, when bidding closes. Thanks to the Botswana Meat Commission for the tip.


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