A Very Special Malkin War On Christmas

A Very Special Malkin War On Christmas

Dear god, please destroy the earth now. Thanks - Wonkette(UPDATE: Humorless sack of shit and local blogger Michael Fumento apparently has a law degree and wants to try it out on Wonkette because we posted his stupid fucking picture of Michelle Malkin dressed up like an Arab Killer. So we will take it down and post this picture of Fumento we found on some blog.)

What is Christmas like for the warbloggers who wish they were in Iraq killing Arabs for Christ? Probably a lot like this charming picture of would-be Iraq tourist Michelle Malkin wearing the extra-large body armor of former newspaper columnist Michael Fumento. (We don't have any idea why a blogger in Northern Virginia owns body armor, either.)

If you're wondering what the hell's going on here, this post from earlier today will explain what little can be explained.

GI Malkin to report for duty in Iraq [Michael Fumento]

Earlier: AP's Mysterious Iraqi Police Source Is Real & Soon To Be Executed


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