A Weekend With Dancing Hobbits
  • Tonight through Sunday, June 21: Some people would rather stab themselves in the eyes than see a ballet. But then there are the more refined folk who, like everyone's favorite ballet-dancer-turned-politician Rahm Emanuel, cherish the idea of watching pretty people dance in circles and do fun twists in the air. If you fall into the latter category, we highly recommend seeing the Bolshoi Ballet from Moscow perform Le Corsaire, a ballet about love, betrayal, and terrible thunderstorms. Those of you who prefer the self-mutilation route, go right ahead, but you're going to miss out on a great show. [Kennedy Center]

  • Tonight through Monday, June 22: You still have a few days to catch an underrated and probably underwhelming documentary as part of the Silverdocs Film Festival. Let's see, you can still see a film about how Brazil is only good for its lovely beaches (Dancing with the Devil), there's also a film that looks a little too closely at circumcision (Partly Private), and finally, the festival closes with a film about everyone's favorite larger-than-life DC hero, Marion Barry (The Nine lives of Marion Barry.) [AFI]
  • Tonight through Sunday, June 28: Freer Art Gallery is showcasing "adventurous" dramas and documentary films from Africa, Latin America, and Asia from the Le Festival des 3 Continents Film Festival.  Considering that it's prohibitively expensive to travel these days, these films will give you a glimpse into worlds you won't see until the dollar rebounds and the economy is magically fixed! [Freer Gallery of Art]
  • Tonight through August 12: Marrying for money isn't necessarily frowned upon, especially in these parts where everyone is looking for the next best thing. One day you may find that rich fancy lawyer, but in the meantime, you can watch a play about a really really rich woman (aptly titled The Millionairess) who is desperately trying to find someone to love her for something other than her gazillions of dollars. Do you need a dictionary for the play? Absolutely. Nap potential? The author is known for being very verbose -- rest up beforehand. [Olney Theater Center]
  • Saturday, June 20:One Man Lord of the Rings is an hourlong stage version of the ENTIRE nine hour Lord of Rings trilogy performed by only one man. Charles Ross (said one man) plays over 40 different parts in his version of the trilogy. It's a pretty impressive feat and you can see it this Saturday at 7:30PM for $35. [Birchmere Music Hall]

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