A-Well-a Everybody's Heard About the Bird

* Rethinking the flip-flop: "The net result of this understandable and natural flip-flop preservation mechanism is to create an overall walk that is actually more of a waddle." Still think you look sexy? [The DC Sidewalk Blog]

* We were all a little more innocent, not excluding cereal: "In addition to being about 7 years old, it's also Raisin Bran from another era. Pre-9/11 Raisin Bran. It tasted like... a more innocent Raisin Bran." [Dumb Things I Have Done Lately]

* High in the mid-90's, 100% humidity -- perfect timing for a Metro Disturbance: "The platform was full of hot, tired-looking people. Working people. People who just wanted to get home. To dinner. To anywhere other than a Metro platform." [Candy Sandwich]

* "The detrimental effects of unlimited noise had never entered my mind, but apparently, it's bad. Really bad." [/Quest for Quiet]

* "Who takes birds for a walk? It doesn't look like any parrot or cockatoo or some other fancy bird either. It just looks like a small regular bird. Maybe a love bird? Maybe a parakeet." [Sarah and the Goon Squad]


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