A Wonkette Reader Contest: So What's Really Bothering Justice Stevens?

jon paul stevens.jpegSome of you pointed out that the recent rumor we passed along, about Justice John Paul Stevens possibly stepping down from the Supreme Court in June, was somewhat cryptic. You correctly noted that we neglected to supply any context connecting the overheard remark from Justice Stevens -- "I can't put up with this shit anymore!" -- with the possibility of retirement.

Suffice it to say that we have reason to believe the remark was retirement-related. Unfortunately, we can't say more without compromising the confidentiality of our sources -- and you wouldn't want us to do that now, would you?

But we see an opportunity here for a fun little contest. If Justice Stevens uttered the words "I can't put up with this shit anymore," but wasn't expressing frustration with the rightward drift of the Court, what on earth was he actually talking about?

Send us your guesses, by email, with the words "Justice Stevens contest" or "JPS contest" in the subject. Your submission should take the form of quoted language that could appear directly before the overheard remark. Here's a sample entry:

"I'm glad that Sam Alito will be taking over coffee duty -- he sure knows his coffee! I'm sick and tired of the weak crap that Steve [Breyer] has been serving us all these years. I can't put up with this shit anymore!"

Next week we'll print some of our favorite contest entries, as well as one winning response, in the pages of this blog. The contributors whose responses we publish will be identified by name. But if you don't want to be so mentioned, please ask to remain anonymous.

Thanks, and good luck!

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