ABC Will Surely Heed His Orders!

Are you scared yet? - WonketteWhite House agents at the National Review say the Bush Campaign has demanded network TV time this afternoon.

Naturally, there is intense speculation about the request for the nation's critical network-television infrastructure to preempt their afternoon schedule of soap operas and Oprah for a presidential speech. Will he talk about the people who get killed on his watch here in the United States, the people who get killed on his watch in Afghanistan and Iraq, or the people he plans to kill in Iran?

The shocking answer is None of the Above! Bush only wants to remind Americans how important it is that his goons continue to torture people. Oh, and that it's really important for Freedom that Freedom come to an end, because how else are you going to have secret military torture prisons and kangaroo courts?

Bush to unveil plan for Gitmo trials [Associated Press]


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