Will Judge Matthew Kacsmaryk Outlaw Medication Abortion Tomorrow?  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

It's bad, y'all. It's really, really bad.

As soon as tomorrow, the commonly used abortifacient drug mifepristone might be banned nationwide, forcing women to resort to less effective, more painful misoprostol or even surgery to access the care they need. This is what happens when you elect a lunatic gameshow host and let him pack the judiciary with 40-something wingnut activists, and we're all going to be dealing with the fallout for decades.

There is perhaps no more dangerous winger jurist in America than Matthew Kacsmaryk of the Northern District of Texas. Kacsmaryk, who has called homosexuality "disordered" and transgender identity a "delusion," is parked in a single-judge division in Amarillo, making the outpost a destination for conservatives shopping for someone to roll back a generation's worth of gains for women, minorities, and anyone else despised by the followers of Capitalist White Jesus. Judge Kacsmaryk has already issued nationwide injunctions blocking protections for transgender workers and forcing the Biden administration to reinstate Trump's vile "Remain in Mexico" policy. So naturally anti-choice loons looking to make abortion as unsafe and inaccessible as possible made a beeline for his courtroom.

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South Carolina So 'Pro-Life' It's Gonna Murderize Everyone Who So Much As Thinks About Having An Abortion

This was always where they were going.

South Carolina — the first state to formally declare, "Screw you, we're keeping our slaves!" — continues its distinguished civil rights history with new legislation that would sentence anyone who receives an abortion with the death penalty, which is fatal.

Republican state Rep. Rob Harris authored the bill, the South Carolina Prenatal Equal Protection Act of 2023, which would amend the state's laws and redefine "person" to include a fertilized egg at the point of conception. Republicans recoil at considering trans women women but are fully on board with redefining "person" to include a clump of non-sentient cells that live inside another person's body. Twenty-one other ghouls have co-sponsored this abomination.

The proposed law would grant zygotes "equal protection under the homicide laws of the state," at least until they mature into a Black person who interacts with the police or an antsy white guy with a gun. Methods of execution in the state include lethal injection, and since 2021, electrocution, and firing squad upon request. That's truly barbaric, but you kick it up a notch when the state executes people because of what they do to their own bodies.

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Florida To Make Rape Victims Show 'Proof' Before They Can Get An Abortion

Only 20 percent of survivors report their rape to the police.

Florida is about to pass a bill making abortions illegal after six weeks. As the average menstrual cycle is about four weeks long (though a "normal" menstrual cycle can be as long as five weeks) and pregnancy tests are not really accurate until a week after one's missed period, this means that many people will have not much more than a week after finding out they are pregnant to decide whether or not they want an abortion, make an appointment with a doctor to have an abortion and have the abortion. This will be extra difficult if that one Texas judge ends up making medication abortions illegal and surgical abortions are the only option.

But they're not entirely cold-hearted there in the Florida legislature. They're even carving out an exception to allow rape victims to have abortions up to fifteen weeks into their pregnancy. How gracious of them! How thoughtful! Except for the fact that they are also requiring those rape victims to offer proof that they were raped in order to be granted the exception.

While they are not requiring that victims bring in a bloody white sheet, in order to get the exception they will have to provide a "restraining order, police report, medical record or other court order or documentation providing evidence that she is obtaining the termination of pregnancy because she is a victim of rape or incest."

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Repro Rights Roundup: Things At Least Going Well In California, Michigan, And France!

Texas still being terrible.

This week's abortion news is somewhat less terrible than usual.

Texas Is Getting Sued Because Its Bad Law Endangered These Women's Lives

Five women and two doctors of unknown-to-us gender filed a lawsuit in Texas on Monday alleging that the state's ban on abortion put their lives in danger by forcing their doctors to wait until they were at death's door to give them medical care — or forcing them to go to other states to get that medical care regardless. They allege that the law creates confusion and makes doctors less willing to give pregnant patients the care they need for fear of reprisal.

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