Abramoff Proves Surprisingly Frugal

ohjack.jpgYou gotta hand it to Jack Abramoff. Unlike so many DC disgraces, content to go gentle into that good night (only to reemerge years later providing color on CNN), Jack's gonna take a few others out with him. There's scarcely a hand in Washington that he hasn't shaken, and there are lotsa people wishing they hadn't taken his dirty money. Including his Alma Matter: Brandeis received fifty dirty dollars from Abramoff in 2002, in what is surely a brilliantly engineered "fuck you" to his old school -- the barely-worth-cashing donation compounded by Jack's cheerful knowledge that it was embezzled money they'd be embarrassed by once the hammer of the law came down. Well played, Jack.

Brandeis officials, who already blew on the money on beer, says they have no plans to return it. Though this guy wants his $0.016 worth of it.

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