Abramoffukkah: It's On

abramoffhand.jpgWe've been following the news that, as of today, Jack Abramoff is poised to plead guilty to charges of tax evasion, fraud and corruption, thus marking the official beginning of Abramoffukkah and the promise of another year of snide, insidery allusions from The Note.

It truly is the gift that keeps right on taking, and we have no idea at this point how many elected officials may join the waitstaff of Signatures in a deep contemplation of their employment future. Abramoff is expected to sing an aria of "him too" for prosecutors as a part of any plea deal, and it's been long suspected that the Hebrew Hammer may fall first upon Ohio Representative and Scottish golfing enthusiast Bob Ney.

For his part, Ney maintains that any claim that he did "anything illegal or improper is false." For those of you who need a translation of Beltwayese, anytime someone insists they did nothing "illegal", they mean they did all kinds of things that were "wrong", but they figure they can skate in court. And, of course, "improper" is code for the exchange of bodily fluids. We'll see. At any rate, it seems some new Bingo cards may be in order.

Lobbyist to plead guilty to fraud, other charges [CNN]


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