Abu Ghraib Fantasy Camp Update Update

We had sort of assumed that Bob Pagani, the warden of the Abu Ghraib Fantasy Camp, was serious when he said the camp was a real project. But then someone went and did some research on him and turns out that while it may, in fact, be a project, it's not a "real" fantasy camp. (We plan to learn something about this "researching" activity we hear so much about.) In an interview with an Australian web pub, the prankster explains:

There are a LOT of things in life I'm not very good at, but making up stuff that's kind of ridiculous if you examine it but yet somehow still believable I seem to have a talent for.
But if you were all excited about getting to abuse prisoners, you could still join the National Guard.

Interview - Bob Pagani aka Cranky Media Guy [Media Man Australia]

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Abu Ghraib Fantasy Camp [abughraib.org]


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