Abu Ghraib for Turtles

From today's Post:

turtle.gif12TH ST. NE , 5000 block, March 22. A man asked animal control to remove a snapping turtle from his house because he was tired of caring for it. He had been keeping the reptile, which he had found during a fishing trip four years earlier, in a tub in the basement. An animal control officer who picked up the turtle was told by the man's wife that she had been feeding it mostly hot dogs during the last four years. The turtle was so obese that it could not retract its legs into its shell. It was transferred to a wildlife rehabilitator.

In the wild, snapping turtles eat mostly fish, according to the Humane Society. The society says hot dogs are not healthful for a turtle.

And they made it listen to Christina Aguilera, too.

Animal Watch [WP]


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