Abusive Lying Cheating C-Streeter Chip Pickering Does New Hilarious Thing


Former Mississippi Congressman Chip Pickering, anex-C-Streeter who cheated on his wife relentlessly in that house until declining to run again in last year's elections -- to spend more time with his divorce papers -- is getting violent at sports games. Again. But this wasn't simply some Mexican or another in the Congressional Baseball Game crowd. This was the coach of the team playing Pickering's son's team, in soccer. Why does Chip Pickering force his child to play the gayer of the two Fall athletic options?

JACKSON, Miss. — Police are investigating a fight between a former Mississippi congressman and a youth-league soccer coach after a weekend game.

Madison Police Sgt. Robert Sanders says Chip Pickering, a Republican who served 12 years in the U.S. House, was accused of attacking coach Chris Hester on Sunday. Sanders says Pickering also filed an affidavit accusing Hester of hitting him.

Hester, who claims he was wearing a neck brace at the time, says Pickering yelled at him as he was leaving. Hester says that Pickering pulled him from his vehicle, and that spectators had to separate the two.

Hester coaches the team that played Pickering's son's team.

Good lord. Inject both of them with AIDS and ship them to Uganda.

Chip Pickering Accused of Attaching Soccer Coach [AP]


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