An actress who hilariously portrayed a representative from Bloomberg's office during Saturday's weaponized drum circle around the mayor's mansion has been fired from her job at a marketing firm. Why? Eh, got to keep the people on edge. If everybody starts protesting, well, there would be fear and confusion in the corporate boardrooms!

YesLab reported the stupid developments in a press release:

"They said my performance had put the company in an uncomfortable position," said Mary Notari, who learned of her firing from a phone call Monday afternoon. "The mayor has said ‘No right is absolute’—including, apparently, the right to poke fun at him for using violent force against his own people and for bending the law to do so.”

In Notari's performance, she asked the recently-evicted protesters how they would "feel if someone came to your place of residence and prevented you from moving freely." She also announced that the protesters had "put the mayor under siege" and had "reduced him to behaving like a medieval warlord."

The "market research consulting firm" that fired Notari from her "independent contractor" (no benefits/pay your own Social Security and payroll taxes) position was not named. We hope the market research it next performs shows that market research companies are going to be occupied and dismantled by everyone without a job and everyone recently fired from their not-really-jobs for taking part in democratic actions.

How many people have been fired in "New York media" so far, just for some minor participation in the economic justice protests nationwide, in this collapsing nation run by hateful kleptocrats? Oh who knows. At least Mayor Bloomberg gets to go to Bermuda every week! #OccupyBermudaTriangle. [YesLab]


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