Actual News Report: GOP Wives Get Along Together Just Swimmingly

Oh excitement, Entertainment Weekly ABC News got around to recycling one of these sticky cotton candy puff pieces on how the blond Stepford wives of the GOP candidates still manage, against all odds, to behave like perfect ladies amongst themselves even as their deranged spouses hurl feces at one another all day long. What gives them these magical powers?

Mostly it's that they are so occupied with correct lady things, like motherhood, and emotions!

Letting it be has become a mantra for [Mary Kaye] Huntsman, Anita Perry and Callista Gingrich, who have bonded amid the heated GOP presidential campaign and animosity that’s part and parcel of high-stakes political battles like this one. The women, they agree, are too busy focusing on motherhood and each other’s well-being to let their husbands’ jousting get in the way.

Hm. Callista Gingrich does not have any kids (that we know of), but uh, she loves furries and children's books? That counts enough. Of course, Michele Bachmann is also an emotional mother with crazy eyes, but, eh, not blond.

Why can't these crappy political spouse articles ever be about something fun, like what is Callista Gingrich's real hair color (green?), or about how Marcus Bachmann tried to get into the spouses club and got turned away for his horrible taste in shoes? [ABC News]


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