Actual Stimulus Party Report!

Well,third time's a charm! Finally, one of you people out of the several hundred MILLION worldwide who claim to be Obama supporters held an actual "talk about our nation's ruined economy" party, complete with a creepy guest appearance by Tim Kaine's eyebrow.

Wonkette home entertainment operative Karen writes:

About 25 folks showed up. We watched a little pep-talky video of Obama, then a barely tolerable video of Tim Kaine explaining the stimulus bill. The video was supposed to be 10 minutes long. It actually lasted an eternity. Next, we were supposed to ask everyone to "share their personal stories, particularly how they pertain to the current economic situation." We said, "fuck that — too depressing," and decided to invite an economist to explain the damn bill to us instead. Which was actually helpful! People asked questions, said "uh-huh" a lot, said they'd call Chuck Grassley. There were cookies and cocoa, and (thank God) someone brought some WINE, because the best answer to this economy is to drink. The end.

Well put!

God willing, this will be the last stimulus party report on earth.


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