Actual Vatican Sex-Abuse Excuse: Bishops & Priests Don't Really Work For the Vatican


How is the Vatican's decades-long child-rape international outrage not the Vatican's faulttoday? The Pope's lawyers are arguing in a Louisville, Kentucky court that priests and bishops don't, uh, actually work for the Vatican. So, you know, not the Pope's problem! Do not even *think* about indicting the Pope.

The AP reports:

The Vatican on Monday will make its most detailed defense yet against claims that it is liable for U.S. bishops who allowed priests to molest children, saying bishops are not its employees and that a 1962 Vatican document did not require them to keep quiet, The Associated Press has learned.

Ha, what? The Vatican chooses bishops to run its various dioceses, and the Vatican can throw any priest -- or monk or nun or whatever -- out of the entire Catholic Church just by saying "I divorce thee, I divorce thee, I divorce thee" (in Latin).

And what about this "smoking gun" document from the Vatican?

The document describes how church authorities should deal procedurally with cases of abuse of children by priests, cases where sex is solicited in the confessional — a particularly heinous crime under canon law — and cases of homosexuality and bestiality.

Anyway, once the Vatican loses this round, maybe the whole dirty mafioso operation can be bankrupted with the proceeds going to the millions (probably?) of people savagely raped and beaten and sexually abused by evil monsters who lurk in the wrong side of Church confessionals. [MSNBC/AP]


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