Actually, I'm Working On A Sequel To Primary Colors Between Posts

A little bit of housekeeping here -- it seems there's some confusion about "Joe Klein," filling in for Wonkette this week, vs. Joe Klein, writing for Time magazine. It's not that hard to tell us apart. Joe Klein is a published author and a respected journalist. "Joe Klein" is just some drunk who Wonkette drugged one night and chained to her couch with a laptop. Smart analysis, good reporting? Joe Klein. Slightly less clever anal sex jokes than you're used to? "Joe Klein." Easy, right?

"Joe Klein" is what we call a "pseudonym," from the Latin for "pseudo name." The real Joe Klein wrote this book... anonymously... about Clinton... we don't know, Google it if you want the specifics. But we're told the pseudo-thing is supposed to be "funny."

Joe Klein's at Wonkette []

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