Ad-Up: Bush's People of Color

shes not white get it not white

Title:Across America

Source: Bush-Cheney/RNC

Theme: "Alone in the booth. . . Why take the risk?"

Bush: Shown with Laura on front porch in Anytown, America.

People: In the spirit of We Report, You Decide, this ad informs voters about the candidates' records. When Bush's accomplishments are checked off, people are shown in color: "Strong leadership to protect America. . . tax relief. . . healthcare. . . Social Security." Then Kerry's record is crossed off, next to images of people in black and white, flickering into the white background: "Higher taxes. . . government-run healthcare. . . reckless defense cuts."

Message: Kerry will make you disappear.

Bush-Cheney '04 Launches New Television Advertisement, "The Choice" []


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