Ad-Up: The Latest from Kerry, In Case You Thought They Were Done


Title:Across America

Source: Kerry-Edwards

Theme: It's time for a new direction

Music: Graceful, girly (with purple-streaked lower-thirds)

Kerry: Will fight for middle class; will support "strong military and strong alliances"; will read to children and push them on swings; "We will defeat terror. I believe our future belongs to freedom, not fear."

People: Smiling women; minorities at work; children at work; men in hard hats

Patriotism: American flag raised in front of school; lapel pin; teddy bears



Source: Kerry-Edwards

Theme: Kerry responds to Bush attacks on "global test"

Kerry: Angry, strong; will "never take my eye off Osama bin Laden, al Qaeda, and the terrorists."

People: Crowds are so captivated by Kerry's strength they rise from their seats and excitedly applaud, their faces glossed over by his talk of hunting down the terrorists - "We will kill them."


Title:Economy Kick Start

Source: Kerry-Edwards

Theme: It's time for a new direction

Music: As hip as MSNBC

Kerry: Will kick the economy into gear, "believes America can be America again do better."

Bush: "Is satisfied with an economy with lower-paying jobs." Kerry is not.

People: Working, smiling, assembling cars, taking drugs


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