Ad-Up: Wrong Again Edition

Henry the intern watches the campaign ads released in the last 24 hours. Since you probably won't see them anyway. Continues after the jump.


Title:Middle Class Families

Source: Kerry-Edwards/DNC

Subject: Health care

Music: From downtrodden to hopeful, upbeat

Kerry: Will "help families," make Americans smile

Bush: Stone-cold, obviously lacks compassion for families

Patriotism: American flag, teddy bears, red apple

People: All smiles, except for the workers without health care

Why? Are there three images of the Capitol dome next to Bush?



Source: Kerry-Edwards

Subject: Iraq

Music: From frightening to hopeful, upbeat. Save us, John Kerry!

Kerry: Reads by the window; waves arm at rallies; will "stop at nothing to get the terrorists before they get us"

Bush: Clueless, speechless

Patriotism: American flags, lapel pin

People: White woman on the verge of tears (Over mess in Iraq or because she can't blink?)

Scare tactics: Troops on the run; masked insurgents with big guns; fire


Title:No Casualties

Source: MoveOn PAC

Subject: Iraq, Bush's record

Narrator: Sarcastic, sense of disbelief

Music: Reserved, sullen

Bush: Idiotic, dimwit; "WRONG" --in bold, red letters-- on every issue and "WRONG" for four more years.

People: "Rev. Pat Robertson said. . ."

Scare tactics: Black and white images with red "wrong" throughout; our president as utterly incompetent


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