Adios Walnuts? 'Chastened' McCain Wants a Do-Over

'You're crazy, oh child, you're fuckin' crazy' - WonketteDemented has-been John McCain is "relaunching" his campaign after a disastrous first few months in which the horrible fear of a McCain presidency/apocalypse has mellowed into a vicious national mockery of a crazy old man who just wants to start a thousand wars, prohibit all human behavior and pretend to be a Christian.

WALNUTS! is in a distant third place with the GOP fund-raising, with opera-loving serial-marrying gay-loving Manhattan dandy Rudy Giuliani and liberal Taxachusetts Mormon Mitt Romney way ahead. Says the Politico:

Many Republicans had believed McCain's chief impediment would be his age, since he would be 72 at his inauguration, the oldest of any president. But instead he now faces a forest of hurdles, including continued skepticism from the party's conservative base and mocking coverage of his televised assertions that Iraq is safer than portrayed by the media.
Well that's a nice way to say "It's time for grandpa to go to the home."

Chastened McCain Relaunches Campaign [Politico]


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