AFA: Government Must Mandate All Married Couples Have Three Children

Our favorite American Family Association blogger, Bryan Fischer, took to the organization's blog on Election Day to write about the issue that was on every voter's mind:"tax-payer funded contraception." For too long America has had a method to have sex without having babies, and we have to work quickly to end this right now because, as Fischer says, the "utter disaster I call MussoliniCare may soon make contraception free (which means everybody else pays for it) to women in the U.S." This country is barely making enough babies as it is. But even worse, it's making the wrong kind of babies, ones that aren't born into white two-parent opposite-sex households who buy the AFA's $50 porn filter. And Fischer has a solution: The government needs to make married couples have three kids AT LEAST.

So no taxpayer funded contraception period for unwed men and women. Period. Not another dime to Planned Parenthood since they insist on handing the stuff out to single people like candy while scarfing down hundreds of millions of tax dollars.

And we shouldn'�t force Americans to pay for married-couple contraception either. Many Roman Catholics, for instance, believe contraception itself is immoral. To force them to pay for other people to get it is to violate Jefferson�s dictum.

But no, this all wouldn't be because Fischer is Catholic or anything like that.

Our fertility rate right now is barely at replacement level, and that�s with 40% of our children born out-of-wedlock -- bastards, to use the quaint and correct term (dictionary: �bastard: a person born of parents not married to each other�). That�s not name-calling, it�s telling the truth.

This is just the best. Everything that is "quaint" is "correct," obviously. (Bryan, this is not telling the truth, it's using a synonym for no other reason than to name-call. Also: dictionary: apostrophe: "a mark ' used to indicate the omission of letters or figures, the possessive case, or the plural of letters or figures.")

The last thing we need is any public policy that encourages married couples to have fewer children. In fact, the American standard ought to be a minimum of three children per married couple. [...]

In order to �multiply� - that is, to grow in number - each couple has to have at least three children. If you have two, you'�re not multiplying, you'�re just replacing yourself. Now some couples may have infertility problems, or other medical problems. Such medical problems limited my wife and me, for instance, to two children. Those things are unavoidable in a fallen world.

Haha. Fischer doesn't want to be a hypocrite, but some lady once ate an apple off a tree, so he has only excreted semen on exactly two occasions in his lifetime.

IN CONCLUSION, EVERYONE WHO IS NOT BRYAN FISCHER needs to get married to a member of the opposite sex right now and immediately have three children. It is the only way to save American Caucasia from the immigrants and the bastards. [AFA]


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