Affairs That Just Totally Ruined Celebrity Careers! Tabs, Thurs., Nov. 12, 2020

Affairs That Just Totally Ruined Celebrity Careers! Tabs, Thurs., Nov. 12, 2020
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Hey, how about that, a coronavirus plan existing enough that Steven Thrasher can joyfully (and I mean joyfully; he is thrilled at most parts of it) critique it! (Scientific American)

So don't know if you guys have seen the news, but we're having a very bad coronavirus wave right now!

CDC revises its mask recommendations, says it does offer protection to the wearer, so fucking WEAR IT. (Daily Kos)

"When Gov. Ron DeSantis needed to hire a data analyst, his staff picked a little-known Ohio sports blogger and Uber driver whose only relevant experience is spreading harmful conspiracy theories about COVID-19 on the Internet." — Miami Herald

Mike DeWine, GOP governor of Ohio, will shut your shit down.

North Dakota's out of hospital beds. Gov allows "asymptomatic" but positive nurses to keep working. He's still not mandating masks, because the president of the United States made it a culture war and now hundreds of thousands of people are dying ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ — Grand Forks Herald

Georgia doing an entire hand recount. Good by me, I like counting votes. (Political Wire)

I have no words for what is going on in this video.

I thought "white fragility" was a slur. Anyway, they're laying the groundwork for this "Electoral College play," which IS NOT A COUP. (Axios)

Oh of course they're also laying the groundwork for terrorism. — Hunter at Daily Kos

Like by these Nazis maybe, that's a good bet. (Vice)

Who's fragile now? These poor Trump lawyers who keep having to appear before judges and argue any old thing. — Washington Post

Oh and you should see the "affidavits" being waved around by Kayleigh McEnany and the rest of them; they're from concerned Republican pollwatchers who just witnessed a FRAUD ... like why would military ballots have voted D. (WaPo)(Affidavits)

These fucking assholes at State won't even give Old Handsome Joe Biden his messages. "Foreign leaders have begun to figure out that State cannot get them in touch with the President-elect and their teams have reached out to former Obama-era diplomats for their assistance on how to send congratulatory messages to Biden's team[.] Say it with me: FOR FUCK'S SAKE. (CNN)

Now. Who wants to feast their eyes on the Biden transition's agency review teams? Oh, YOU DO! (Build Back Better)

Hungary's getting creepy and scary again, some more, this time about raising children with "Christian gender roles." (Reuters)

Some nerdy law stuff (with a cameo by Robert Bork!) about these antitrust ... thingies ... that led to retail dying that NOBODY KNEW! (No, but probably nobody knew it.) — The American Prospect

You'll want to read Jerry Saltz, who is always so mean to public art (as he should be), on the horrific thing they just put up in England to "honor" Mary Wollstonecraft. (New York mag)

A lovely and sad obituary for the sherpa, Chhapte Sherpa, who cut the lox at Russ & Daughters. (New York mag)

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