AFSCME, the F@$&!n Union That Works For You, Not Ever Working For Blanche Lincoln


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Are those labor union bosses feeling any buyer's remorse for "flushing $10 million" against Blanche Lincoln, who won anyway? The Politico quotes AFSCME leader Gerald McEntee sounding exactly like this vulgar, beloved AFSCME commercial's narrator, which means .... the unions are really pissed at Bill Clinton.

“We worked like hell to get the Senate and we worked like hell to get the White House, and our people are saying, ‘What the hell are we getting out of this?’” said Gerald McEntee, president of AFSCME, which shelled out $3 million to back Halter in Arkansas.

“We lost an election on Tuesday, but we laid down a marker,” he added. “We made the good fight, and we also made the point that we are not going to be boxed in by anybody.”

So why do the comical union bosses hate Clinton so much? They need to hate somebody, after blowing all this money in a state with few union members and a conservative-leaning Democratic incumbent senator who managed to win her primary runoff anyway.

Plus, isn't Bill Clinton always such a jackass on the campaign trail?

Again, from the Politico:

One small consolation for the White House is that if union officials are annoyed with Obama, they are infuriated with Bill Clinton, a Lincoln supporter who accused Halter of being a tool of Big Labor.

That angered McEntee, a die-hard Hillary Clinton supporter who provided her campaign with cash, counsel and volunteers far into the spring of 2008 — after it was clear Obama had sealed the Democratic nomination.

“He called us terrorists in one of those speeches,” McEntee said. “It’s not like he didn’t ask for our support and Hillary didn’t ask for our support. We were the first union to support him for governor of Arkansas, and we were on the last bus home for Hillary. I guess he forgot that. It was [a] slap in the face.”

Terrorists? Did he really do that? Haha, Bill Clinton: Bringing dignity to the office of president since 1992. [Politico]


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