After Cheney's Visit to AEI, Can Think Tank Events Ever Be Enjoyable Again?

After Cheney's Visit to AEI, Can Think Tank Events Ever Be Enjoyable Again?

This week for our think tank round up, we are on our knees praying that Cheney doesn’t make another guest appearance at AEI. Last week's speech didn't help him, or America, or even AEI for that matter (shouldn't they be trying to rebuild their reputation after their failed love affair with the neocons?). At least a few think thank events this week don't involve nosy former veeps trying to convince us the torture is way more fun than it looks...

  • Tuesday, May 26: Who do you think has been screwed over the most by the financial crisis? America (woot-woot), China, the Gulf states, Brazil, or India? Although America might at first blush look like the clear favorite, it’s possible that Brazil or India could earn this sought-after distinction. The New America Foundation will debate which country is in the worst shape at their event exploring the long-term global effects of the financial crisis.
  • Tuesday, May 26: We’ve got to hand it to the Brookings Institution, and by extension the President: both actually care about young people! Young people -- you know, the future, those who will inherit a hot earth, a huge debt, and a world without Social Security or Medicare. Brookings is hosting an event exploring how we can improve the financial aid system. This way, more young people can go to college to learn how to enact policies that will inevitability screw over the next generation. Sad, but true.
  • Wednesday, May 27: Getting nuked would suck. There’s really just no other way to look at it. Thankfully, some thinkers are sitting around figuring out how exactly we can avoid total death and destruction. In 2 hours flat, the U.S. Institute of Peace will let us know exactly how we can live in peace and happiness forever. We’re curious if the answer is as simple as "Nuke the shit out of them first."
  • It's Hate-Free Week: The Heritage Foundation, amazingly, will forego its weekly reminder of how much Obama sucks. Could this mean that conservatives have given up and decided to embrace the president and his policies? Doubtful. But don’t worry, they’re back next week with a riveting discussion about Winston Churchill, only the hottest statesman ever.

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