After Leaving Office, Dick Cheney Will Finally Get The Chance To Harm His Enemies


  • Some states, including some you might actually live in like New York, are trying to introduce an online sales tax to things like iTunes, Amazon, and pornography sites like "XX Factor" etc. [AMERICAblog]
  • Obama will select a Columbia/Harvard pal of his, "Orange" Julius "Caesar" "Salad" Genachowski, to be the new chairman of the FCC. [The Caucus]
  • George Bush is the most popular human of all time in Sudan, Israel, Georgia (the Georgia that did not actually elect him) and some other places. [Daily Beast]
  • Dick Cheney will maybe write a book! One that will settle "a few scores." What "scores" did he possibly leave unsettled, or alive? [Top of the Ticket]
  • Mitt Romney would still like to be considered for the position of John McCain's losing Vice President. [CNN Political Ticker]

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